Looking for that Industrial Lighting style?




Breakdown a room into separate zones.  This can be divided by location or by function. Particularly in Kitchen, Utility and Dining areas.  Consider each zone and whether it requires one or more light fittings.

Example: In a kitchen.
Zone 1 - Task Lighting over the countertops
Zone 2 - Ambient Ceiling Lighting
Zone 3 - Task lighting over the Island Unit


Think of each light fitting carrying out one or more function.  This could be task light, providing clear lighting in a work area or a decorative table lamp providing a calm relaxing feel.
Selecting the right light fitting is often a balance between style and function.  Industrial factory lighting has it's origins in functional design.  Enamel shades were designed to improve the efficiency of lower powered bulbs.  Focusing the light down with white reflectors onto a work area.

Example: Ceiling Fitting over Kitchen Island.
A Coolicon enamel shade on a pendant offers great downward task lighting. It also has top vents which provide a lower level of ambient light.


Properties old and new don't always allow for heavy light fittings to be fitted in the most suitable location for the room.  Galvanised conduit is ideal to overcome both these problems.  Below are a few examples of ways to use our designs and achieve efficent light placment in an industrial style.


Glavanised conduit, glass and enamelled metal shades are all key materials to get the industrial look.  We love the combination of zinc and brass, which runs through the conduit range.  The ceiling fitting is a base and allows you to include accents of colour with enamel shades and cable style.  Why not make the bulb the accent?  We have a great range of vintage filament bulbs from the OSRAM 1906 collection.


Now you have a shortlist of characteristics for new light fitting.  It's time to start looking at products.  Here are some popular combinations. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you want further help to create what you want.

Remember don't forget your bulbs...

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