Condition Ratings

Enamel Shades

We have a system to show the condition of each enamel shade.  Each item has a two number rating from 0-5.  The first number is the condition of of the outer surface and the second the inner.  The greater the number the better the conditon.  So an imaculate shade on both surfaces would be 5:5

 Rating Condition
0 Very Poor Condition - Significant damage to the surface and possible dents in the metal work
1 Poor condition - Heavy number of surface chips sometimes greater than 30mm
2 Fair Condition -  A number of larger chips in the enamel often following the seams opto 30mm long but narrow
3 Good Condition - A number of chips less than 10mm across
4 Very Good Condition - Minor scuffs and a small number of chips less than 5mm
5 Perfect Conditon - No visable damage to the enamel (Often stored without use)


When it comes to conditon we aim to be as fair as possible.  This is refelcted in the price.  If you like a well worn shade then you'll get yourself a bargin.